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      Shipping Time

      We offer free worldwide shipping to Spain, The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, United states, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Belgium and Canada
      Stage 1:
      It takes 5-14 days to process the order. In this one week we will making your items and packaging the item.
      Stage 2:
      The item will be sent to the shipping company and it takes 20 - 50 days to arrive depending on where you live. When you have ordered from us you will receive an email from us once your items have been processed. We will provide you with tracking information once the parcel has been packaged and is ready to be sent out for delivery. It will take 10-15 days for your parcel tracking number to work.
      Track your parcel at
      When you receive your order you will notice that the size tags are x2 Larger than what you ordered i.e if you ordered small the size tag will say large. Do not worry this is not a mistake . This is the true size that you have ordered.  This happens because our clothes are manufactured in Asia so the manufacturer leaves the asian size tag on.